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How I work

I work in an open and collaborative way, and offer warmth, empathy and a non-judgmental space in which to explore whatever it is that is troubling you. I work holistically and view you as a whole person not someone limited and defined by a set of symptoms or a particular crisis.

I hope to work with you to help make sense of your world and your relationships, and to understand the meaning you have made of your experiences. As part of this process of exploration I will work interactively and share my thoughts, feelings and questions where I feel it is appropriate and of therapeutic value.

Counselling and psychotherapy is not about me telling you what to do or how to live your life. Instead it is a journey of self-discovery which we will take together as we look at your past and present experiences, and the bearing they have on the choices you make and on your future contentment.

One of the most important factors behind the success of counselling is the relationship between client and psychotherapist. I place the relationship between my clients and me at the heart of everything I do and so offer a reduced price introductory session (£40) in order that we can both see how it might be to work together.

Counselling is at its most effective when undertaken on a regular basis. For this reason I meet with clients on a weekly basis. Sessions are one-to-one and last for 50 minutes.

I offer both short-term and open-ended counselling. Short-term counselling tends to be for between six to twelve sessions, but there is always the option to extend the work.


As a member of the BACP (membership no: 771524) I am bound by its Ethical Framework for Counselling Professionals. As such, the content of all sessions is completely confidential except under the following circumstances:

  • As required by the BACP’s Ethical Framework, I discuss my work with a qualified clinical supervisor. Your identity is never revealed in supervision and my supervisor is also bound by the same rules of confidentiality that I am.

  • I reserve the right to break confidentiality if I believe there is serious risk of harm to either yourself or others. I will always endeavour to discuss this with you first, but in extreme circumstances this may not always be possible.

  • I reserve the right to break confidentiality if I have specific concerns about the welfare of children under your care.

  • I am legally bound to break confidentiality if I suspect knowledge of, or involvement in, acts of terrorism, money laundering or drug trafficking.

  • I may also break confidentiality if I was required by subpoena or court order to disclose information.

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