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How counselling can help

Every counselling session and every counselling relationship is unique. Whether you are attending therapy to deal with a specific crisis such as a relationship breakdown or a bereavement, or longer-term issues such as anxiety, depression, addictions or suicidal thoughts, having a safe space to explore these matters can be extremely helpful.

Often just the act of telling your story to a warm and non-judgemental therapist can bring huge relief. Counselling can also provide a dedicated time and space for you to be completely yourself and the time is yours to use in whatever way you feel beneficial.

In counselling, old and sometimes unhelpful patterns of behaviour can be explored and understood. This process can shed light on new ways of being, and open up new choices and possibilities.

Counselling can also support the search for self-acceptance, which can often develop with greater self-knowledge and a deeper understanding of experiences past and present.

The goal of counselling is not to find happiness  (although this is sometimes a by-product of the process) but instead to discover a more authentic and fulfilling way of living your life.

What counselling can help with:

Abuse                                                                                 Loneliness

Addiction                                                                            Mental health issues

Ageing                                                                                Meaninglessness

Anger                                                                                  Physical ailments with no medical diagnosis

Anxiety                                                                                Post-natal depression

Chronic illness                                                                    Relationship difficulties

Depression                                                                         Sexuality

Divorce                                                                               Stress

Eating disorders                                                                 Suicidal thoughts

Fertility issues                                                                     Terminal illness

Grief                                                                                    Trauma

Insecurity                                                                            Voice hearing


But remember, you don’t have to be in crisis to gain benefit from counselling. It can also be a very effective way of building and maintaining mental well-being, which is vital in today’s pressurised society.

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